Past commissions

This is a list of PCBs/other projects I've recently designed for people. If you're interested in commissioning a design from me, message me on Reddit.

Plum PCB - April 2020

This is a hotswap replacement PCB for the Genovation Plum keyboard that uses a Proton-C controller and supports Kailh Choc switches.

BDN9-BLE - February 2020

BDN9-BLE is a BDN9 macropad modified to add Bluetooth. I designed and produced 3D printed parts and handwired a new controller to the BDN9 PCB, and I added the keyboard to the QMK Configurator so that the keymap can be easily customized.

Lex55 - November 2019

Lex55 is a 40% with arrow keys, an integrated controller with USB-C, and RGB underglow commissioned by /u/lukelex. It supports multiple layouts.

Daisho - October 2019

Daisho is a split 40% keyboard commissioned by /u/spinoses/Proka.

3 by 4 macropad - November 2018

A 3 by 4 macropad commissioned by /u/laurabrewer99.