I haven't decided on a name for this yet, for now I'm just using "choc_ergo"


choc_ergo is a 34-key split ergonomic keyboard designed in PCBmodE.

Sale form

Kit contents

The kit includes:

  • 2x choc_ergo PCB
  • 2x TRRS jack
  • 2x Snaptron GX05300 dome
  • 3M tape for the domes


Build guide

  1. Solder controller (on left side the controller USB port faces upwards, on the right side it faces downwards)
  2. Solder TRRS jack
  3. Solder switches
  4. Add Snaptron dome:
    Throughout this process make sure to not touch the metal dome so that it does not get oil on it
    1. Peel square of tape off of paper using tweezers
    2. Use tweezers to place dome on the tape so that one axis is slightly off center
    3. Place tape/dome onto the bottom of the PCB so that the legs on the dome line up with the outer circle on the dome footprint


Firmware can be found in my QMK fork. The default keymap is just for testing that all of the keys work.